Dad’s dancing with babies is the best thing ever!


I bet, their wives really love it! Masculinity is also about loving and caring of your family! How sweet they are! My heart is full of delight while watching this! Aren’t they gorgeous when dads are having the time with their little one?

They looked even more handsome and lovable! That’s fantastic! For some reason I think there will be less war with more videos like this!

Have you seen a room full of dads dancing their hearts out with their infants? Ever thought that there was actually a full dance program dedicated to this routine? Well what you’re about to see in this video is just that, and let us tell you that this is no average dance class. Ladies and  gentlemen, please welcome these dancing dads and their ever-so-happy babies—all courtesy ‘Groovaroo’ Dance Classes.

‘Groovaroo’ Dance Classes were introduced by couple Meeshi and Amber Anjali after the arrival of their own baby boy and are aimed to build a familial bond within members of the family. The dance class showcased in the video below is specific to fathers and helps them come a little bit closer to their children.

Not only can this routine enhance the relationship between father and child, but can also prove to be an excellent fitness routine for new dads (and moms alike). Because everyone, who has parenthood experience, knows that infants are a handful and upon their arrival, there’s absolutely NO time to follow a fitness regime for yourself. Are we right?

So lets get down to how this program works. It’s actually quite simple: You secure your infant into a carrier, strap them onto your chest, and get grooving to the music! And this dance class is looking quite successful! Not only is the room full of dads wanting to bust some moves, but it also seems like they’re having a lot of fun doing it!

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