14-Yr-Old Girl Sings “Desperado” By Eagles To New Heights With Her Acoustic Cover!


She is amazing and she is going to go far, her voice gives me chills! Keep going, girl! Amazing performance! Don’t chase the money. Keep singing from your heart and the money will chase you when the time is right!

Such a blessing to have a voice like that. It is my favorite Eagles’s song, very good vocal, Bravo! Girl, please continue on, don’t ever give up on this passion!

Callista Clark is a 14-year-old country singer and she is well on her way to an amazing career in music. You have got to hear this cover she recorded. Callista is such an amazing musician and has already won the hearts of many people all over America. She has amazing talent and people look forward to seeing her music covers on her youtube channel.

Whether she is playing her guitar, her piano, or just singing acapella, she will wow you with her amazing voice. This time, the musical southern belle sang her own rendition of a classic song. Callista sang the song «Desperado» by the 70’s American rock band Eagles. And she sang it in a way that you have never heard before.

This young lady is well beyond her years. Sitting on the porch stairs with a guitar at what looks like outside her house, 14-year-old Callista Clark gave it her all in this intimate performance. She decided to cover the song “Desperado” by Eagles. She’s going viral for her beautiful vocals as she gives this beloved classic a new sound and her own unique touch.

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